New York Kayak Fisherman Reels In A Massive Buck Skull

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Mike Loughran

I’ll go ahead and say this definitely wasn’t on this fisherman’s list of things to catch.

When you’re out on the water fishing, it isn’t too uncommon to reel in some kind of debris. From your basic trash, brush, and even full blown tires, shoes… I hooked into a sock once. It just happens when people use waterways as dumping grounds. I’m not sure what in human nature makes us enjoy throwing things in large bodies of water, but stick to skipping stones, eh?

However, this unintended catch is more like one in a million.

The video was taken by popular New York kayak fisherman and photographer Mike Loughran, and as the video begins you can hear him say:

“Listen to this. I’m snagged trying to pull this thing up. I didn’t know what it was so I brought it to the surface and you’re not going to believe this…”

And sure enough, he reels to the surface a massive buck skull.

“I snagged a huge deer skull, giant antlers look at that. That’s a big deer.”

What are the odds of this? You go out on the kayak hoping to catch a bass, and next thing you know you reel in a huge deer skull. Out of respect, Loughran placed the skull back in the water, but the guy has video proof and a wild story to tell his buddies from here on out.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock