Michael Bublé Is An NHL All-Star Captain & Admitted He Was High On Mushrooms While Picking Teams

Michael Buble
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NHL All-Star weekend is upon us.

Unless you are a die-hard hockey fan, that opening sentence probably doesn’t mean all that much to you. Heck, even the NFL and NBA’s Pro Bowl/All Star weekends have been going downhill in recent years, so there aren’t many of these types of events that people look forward to anymore.

That must be why the NHL decided to get somewhat gimmicky with their All-Star captains for this year’s All-Star game, and called upon the services of celebrities such as Tate McRae, Justin Bieber, Will Arnett, and Michael Bublé to help choose teams.

If you’re taken back because you are hearing about Michael Bublé outside of the normal Christmas season (shoutout to all of his Christmas covers), welcome to the club. However, Bublé is Canadian (so a die-hard hockey fan), an owner of the WHL Vancouver Giants, and actually has a full rink in his house (where he plays with fellow Canadian rockstar who also has a rink in his house, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger).

It’s honestly nice to see that Bublé has still got stuff going for him, and after watching his jittery, under-the-influence press conference at the NHL All-Star weekend, I’m actually a bigger fan of his.

Following the selection of the All-Star teams (the celebrities were paired with NHL stars to choose 3-on-3 squads), Arnett and Bublé had availability with the media covering the event, and Bublé’s presser was entertaining to say the least.

As the singer sat next to Arnett, he gave this line to the media right after he talked about all of the fantasy hockey leagues we was in:

“My buddy told me this was just a micro dose of mushrooms and he was lying. So I’ll be honest, I thought I was in ‘Blades of Glory’ for most of the time that I was out there.

Until it sort of settled down and then I realized ‘holy shit, I’m at the NHL All-Star game.'”

For those that aren’t familiar with the comedy classic Blades of Glory (go watch it right now) that Bublé referenced, Will Arnett starred in it in a supporting role along with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder, who played a pair of two male figure skaters.

Arnett had no issue ribbing Bublé about some of his mushroom comments, saying that the singer likely lost “a lot of income” from sponsors after mentioning his recreational drug use.

If you found the video above intriguing, you’ll also like this “greatest hits” that someone took the time to put together of Bublé’s time with the media:

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