Zach Bryan Lays Out The Most Appropriate Moments For Light Beer: “Seeing My First Child Born, Skydiving”

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Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan never stops giving out free, life-changing wisdom.

He’s already one of the biggest names in country music, and I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that the “Burn, Burn, Burn” singer is one of the best follows on X (formerly known as Twitter) as well.

Bryan basically live-tweeted his way through “Dry January,” and like many of the people out there that subjected themselves to the month from hell, the country star celebrated as soon as the calendar flipped to February:

He later clarified that he was just joking about that post, but now that it’s later in the day, I can’t confirm nor deny that Zach Bryan is hammered. If he’s not, I’m sure there are a lot of other people out there that are.

Considering that Bryan has continued to share fruitful wisdom on X for the rest of the day, I’d probably lean towards the side of Zach being sober. There’s no way someone that’s buzzed would be able to craft this masterpiece and send it out to the masses:

Couldn’t agree more with you Mr. Bryan. On the food pyramid (or food plate) that we all learned about when we were kids, Michelob Waters Ultras would act as non-alcoholic hydration for a complete, well-rounded meal.

And because Zach is always willing to shoot messages back and forth with his fans on social media, he was intrigued when one of his followers replied to his Michelob Ultras post with this open-ended question:

Bryan could have easily seen that comment and gone on with his day, but instead, just like he does with his songwriting, he dug deep into his soul and spoke from the heart.

He admitted he has a drink of choice, but also conceded that there are some things in life that call for a light beer:

So just to recap, Zach Bryan’s list of activities that require a beer drinker to opt for a lighter option are the following (but not limited to):


-Playing a game of pool that has a bet on it


-Riding bikes/scooters

-Seeing your first child born

Hopefully the Whiskey Riff Shop can take that list and put “Zach Bryan’s Light Beer Commandments” on a T-shirt (with Bryan’s permission of course). That single post/tweet might be my guiding light for the rest of my life.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock