“I Don’t Have A Next Door Neighbor” – Yellowstone Star Kevin Costner Delivers All-Time Rich Guy Flex When Asked About Ex-Wife

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Shades of John Dutton, himself…

Kevin Costner is an American icon, phenomenal actor, avid outdoorsman, accomplished musician and all-around badass. Of course, he’s more recently been associated with his Yellowstone character John Dutton, patriarch of Taylor Sheridan’s Dutton empire, but at times, he lives much more like John Dutton than you might realize… at least when it comes to his real estate portfolio.

He owns a stunning 160-acre mountain property in Aspen, Colorado… the kind of outdoor paradise that would make John Dutton proud, as well as a beautiful, oceanfront home near Santa Barbara, California. It’s a 10-acre, 145 million dollar beachfront property in Carpinteria, California. He also reportedly spends most of his time in Ventura, California. It was initially reported that his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, refused to leave their Santa Barbera home during the divorce, but she disputed that report saying she would leave when a settlement was reached.

A settlement has been reach, the divorce is final, and now, rumors have started that his ex-wife is in a dating relationship with her former neighbor. Kevin himself is reportedly in a relationship with the singer Jewel, but that didn’t stop people from asking him about his ex-wife’s new man.

While waiting around at LAX, some stuttering clown with a camera asked Kev if he had any comment about his ex-wife being linked to their neighbor:

“Hey Kevin… any thoughts on your… uhh… wife dating your… uhhh… ex… uhhh… neighbor.”

Dude, if you’re gonna harass the man in an airport, learn how to form a coherent sentence. He’d probably be much more inclined to answer you if you muster up the courage to spit out a full sentence without 15 “ummms” in it.

But Kevin dropped the all-time rich guy flex on this bozo:

“I don’t have a next-door neighbor”

The guy followed up with a clarification, saying “your ex-next door neighbor,” but the answer still stands.

How you like that peasant? I don’t have neighbors… I’m so rich and successful that I don’t even share air with people in my neighborhood, I AM the neighborhood. I love it. I love it so much. Next door? Bro, get your Skechers on because it’s a 10 minute walk to the edge of my property, and 10 more back up to the door of the next guy’s house.

And yeah, Kevin technically shares a property line with someone, and his ex, may in fact, be dating the owner of that next property, but when you have that kind of money, you don’t see your neighbors if you don’t want to, you don’t talk to them if you don’t want to. You’re not seeing each other at the mailbox or taking out the garbage cans. You drive past the other gates, into your gate, and that’s it.

Back to the airport… Kevin completely ignores him and he follows him down the hall and to the elevators, but gives him a quick smile right at the end there… just a little smirk that says, I’m going to be driven back to my neighbor-less compound with a dazzling view of the Pacific ocean and you’re gonna get in your 2007 Honda Civic and make the 40-minute drive back to Glendale where you share a dumpy apartment with 4 other dudes and maybe pick up Pollo Loco on your way home. And. I. Love. It. Flex on him Kevin, channel your inner John Dutton and flex on him HARD.

God, the paparazzi suck…

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