Bear Breaking Into Chicken Coop Gets Busted In The Nick Of Time

Bears looking for chickens

What did we do before affordable security cameras became available?

My guess is that we shrugged off a lot of mysteries, and we definitely missed out on the enjoyment that security footage provides us with now. It seems like every other day, a security camera that captured something crazy goes viral on social media.

One of my favorite recent examples of something like that is this burglar that was caught on camera stretching before they went into a store to rob it. You couldn’t come up with a funnier premise if you were sitting down in a writer’s room.

And obviously, as security cameras become more commonplace (there’s basically a doorbell camera on every house now), more wildlife has been spotted in populated areas. Some people think animals are just adapting and becoming more comfortable walking around people, but most experts will tell you that animals have likely lurked around our homes for a long time before and we just didn’t know it.

So putting cameras up all around your house now enables you to have a front row seat to wild animal activity, in addition to having peace of mind and security. In the video below, someone purchased a Ring camera to point out towards their backyard chicken coop in case anything were to happen to their beloved egg-layers.

And it’s a good thing they did, because one night, a large, menacing bear discovered the coop and thought it might try to break in and have itself a feast. The bruin worked at it in the dead of the night, and fortunately, the Ring camera sent alert to the homeowner that woke her up.

She was then able to wake just in time to run to the window closest to the chicken house and scare the hungry bear away, as described in the caption for the footage below:

“When Hallie woke up in the middle of the night from multiple alerts from her Ring Floodlight Cam, she checked the Ring App and saw a bear trying to get into her chicken coop at her home. She immediately jumped to a window and scared it off from a safe distance.”

That was right in the nick of time too…

If the homeowner would have woken up a few minutes later, there’s a good chance she would have ran to her window only to see the bear chowing down on a protein-packed meal of chicken and eggs.

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