Hare Punches The Sky To Fend Off Hawk Attacking Her Babies

bunny fights a hawk

A protective mother is going to do what a protective mother has to do.

The hawk in this video thought it was going to swoop down for an easy meal consisting of some baby bunnies. It soon found out that the mother hare wasn’t going to let that happen without a fight… even if that meant tiring itself out with a flurry of defensive moves.

As the predatory bird hovered effortlessly above the rabbit (shoutout to the wind), the mother rabbit was standing on its hind legs to fend off the flying creature. It was as if one of those small punching bags that boxers use to train was right in front of the hare as it threw endless fists of fury at the hawk.

Anytime the hawk tried to change its location, the mother rabbit adjusted and kept the punches coming. The large bird was clearly having an easier time floating above the ground than the hare was defending its offspring, but the hawk underestimated the power that comes from being a mother.

Check it out:

How about the firepower of that hare?

The mother rabbit just kept the punches coming, and I imagine the hawk eventually said, “Enough of this,” and flew off to find something else to eat. Social media was cheering on the actions of the momma hare, and left this commentary in the reply section of the post:

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