Rooster And Goat Rescue Chicken From Hawk Attack

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Farm animals stick together.

A security camera on a Netherlands’ farm captured an intense scene that unfolded one sunny day when a hawk took aim at a chicken that had wandered into the open area of a pen.

Hawks typically prey on smaller mammals, such as rabbits, squirrels, and mice, as well as snakes, frogs, and really any tiny creature that looks vulnerable, however, they’re not unwilling to go after a larger meal when the opportunity presents itself.

We’ve seen them stare down a bobcat and attack small dogs, but now we get to see one try its hand at taking out a chicken.

It was just an ordinary day, a bunch of farm animals putzing around and minding their own business when one of the chickens strayed a bit too far from the coup. A hawk that was hiding out in the tree line to the right took note and decided it was time to strike.

The hawk flies in and grabs a hold of the poor bird. Feathers fly wild as the chicken struggles against the stronger predator and all appears lost until the chicken’s friends realize what’s happening and rush to his rescue.

First to the scene is a rooster, who darts over and starts pecking at the hawk with all it has. Then, a goat runs over and uses his size and horns to ram the hawk until it lets go. The hawk had to be absolutely shocked at this and flew off, leaving the chicken to cluck another day.

Talk about a close call and incredible that those animals came to the chicken’s rescue. I get growing up around each other will create a bond, but man, I just didn’t expect those animals to risk their own injury to save their buddy.

True friendships are formed on the farm.

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