Teen Girl Uses A Seat Cushion To Beat The Hell Out Of A Hawk Attacking Her Yorkie

hawk dog

Gotta know what predators are hanging around your house.

No one wants to lose their beloved fury family friend, especially to the talons of a bird that’s figured out pets are an easy meal.

I mean, it’s something we should expect to see more of in years to come. Increasing urban sprawl only means that these wild animals are going to have more interactions in our lives. The scary part of this, is that birds of prey specifically adapt well to more urban environments.

With one of the reasons being that pets are an easy target for them.

Obviously, there’s a size limit to this. Larger pets are going to fair much better so probably not a bad idea to keep the lap dog on your lap and the cat indoors.

This teen had a hawk encounter she will never forget. She looked outside to see one her Yorkies in the death grip of a hawk.

She ran outside and hilariously tried to scare it away by screaming at it. No scream is going to keep this bird from his meal…

The girl realizes that and reached for the closest object she could find, a seat cushion.

She starts swinging a pillow at the bird as hard as she can just as the bird is about to take off. She beats the thing enough that it decides to head to someone else’s yard.

Well, at least we know you can fight them off with a pillow.

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A beer bottle on a dock