8-Year-Old Hunter Delivers Wisdom Beyond His Years On Why He Won’t Get Married

Little hunter deer

The kid is wise beyond his years.

Not even 8 years old and he already has the entire world figured out, including his future marriage plans.

And for him, it sounds like marriage is a no-go. A girlfriend? Say goodbye to that idea too.

While out at the deer camp, decked out in camo and double-fisting 7-Ups, this little fella was dishing out the relationship advice to anyone that was willing to listen.

His advice? Don’t even get into a relationship if you want to keep hunting:

“I don’t want a girl, I don’t want a wife because what if they say ‘You can’t go hunting’?

I’ll just go like, ‘Nope, I’m going huntin’ right now, you are not tellin’ me what to do.

You’re not tellin’ me what to do!'”

Needless to say, the rest of the camp was falling out of their chairs laughing.

I mean, for just a young buck, he definitely has his priorities in order.

Should he really be thinking about marriage at his age? Probably not. Should he be thinking about huntin’ and fishin’ and lovin’ every day? I can’t believe I just quoted Luke Bryan, but you’re damn right.

Although some day when he gets older…. you’re probably gonna have to cue up the Brad Paisley…

“I’m Gonna Miss Her”

Young Hunter Fends Off Attacking Mountain Lion In Colorado Mountains

Mountain lions are no joke.

We all saw the terrifying footage of a Utah hiker get stalked by a mountain lion for over 6 minutes while jogging in Slate Canyon.

After a few false charges, she eventually scurried off back into the woods, but for this young hunter in Colorado, her encounter was far more frightening.

While hunting alone in the mountains near Gunnison, Colorado, this young hunter came face to face with an aggressive mountain lion.

And while she did everything she could to try and scare it away, the mountain lion had already made up its mind. It was kill or be killed.

Here’s the full story according to the hunter:

“I was hunting alone in the mountains of Gunnison, Colorado when I looked up and saw the cougar standing right in front of me. I took a picture and started the video on my phone, then tried to scare it away by yelling and waving my arms.

The cougar didn’t react at first, but did finally start running off to the right. Then, when it got into the shadows, it turned and started coming toward me.

I threw my phone down, took a few steps backward, and got my gun ready to shoot.

The cougar stopped on the log 8 yards in front of me, growling and hissing. I continued trying to scare it away, but its body language only became more threatening, until it appeared ready to pounce.

So I shot it, and it ran away. Then I went and found my dad to tell him what happened.”

She managed to capture the entire encounter on video… well, except for the part when had to drop her phone and shoot before it pounced on her.

She also followed the footage up with a lengthy explanation of what happened, what was going through her mind in the moment, and what she did after.

Of course, we all remember this nightmare video as well.

Gonna be a big NOPE for me on mountain lions.

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