Wild Stallions Battle For Nearby Mare In Arizona’s Salt River

Wild horses fighting
Robin Bender Knight

The fact that there’s still wild horses running around the United States absolutely fascinates me.

According to National Geographic, there are around 86,000 wild horses scattered on public lands throughout the country, although approximately half of them live in Nevada. These majestic creatures are the inspiration behind so many country songs, but seeing them in action, even just in video, puts their aura in even better light.

Like this video that came out of the Salt River in Arizona, where two stallions went to battle over a nearby grey mare during mating season. The video starts with both horses already crossing the river, but when one of them gets a little to close to the mare in question, it’s all out war.

The horses rear up on their hindlegs, kicking and biting at the others. Both are able to grab a hold of the others neck and pull them down, trading back and forth. While the white horse was clearly the aggressor, his tactics didn’t pay off, as the brown horse was able to take the victory and the lady.

Wild times out west…

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