Miller Lite Might Be In The Running For Lamest Super Bowl Commercial So Far

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Miller Lite

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when one of the best parts of tuning into the Super Bowl was getting to see what kind of hilarious commercials would air during the game. And you could always count on beer companies to go the hardest.

However, as the years have gone on, society has progressively gotten more and more soft, and the commercials have gotten significantly less funny.

In particular, I’ve really noticed this trend with the beer commercials. Even when I was in elementary school and hadn’t even fathomed tasting a beer, I couldn’t wait to see what beer brands such as Bud Light, Budweiser, Miller Lite, and more were going to drop during the Super Bowl. Nowadays, all of the commercials seem to be rather forgettable.

With that being said, this Miller Lite commercial that’s supposed to run for this year’s Super Bowl is just further proof of how lame these commercials have gotten over the years.

This one is dubbed the “Running of the Beer Ads.” In this clip, the narration is done by actor and comedian Rob Riggle, where he says:

“Miller Lite isn’t running a big game ad this year. They’re running 1,000.”

The cameras then cut to several normal folk running for their lives in Miller Lite shirts that feature a QR code.

Apparently, the whole purpose of the commercial is to announce a sweepstakes, where you can sign up on Miller Lite’s website for a chance to get one of their 1,000 QR code running shirts, and when people scan your shirt, you can get some free beer money.

Beginning February 1st, you can sign-up online to receive the official Miller Game Time Jersey, $100 in cash, and a Big Game Ad kit. And then on Super Bowl Sunday, participants during the game’s commercial breaks will set off on their “beer runs” while sporting the jersey, which includes a QR code that others can scan for the chance to win a share of a $170,000 prize, along with other rewards. Additionally, the top five individuals whose jerseys are scanned the most will receive beer for a year. Although, I think most people will be home watching the game, but what do I know.

I mean c’mon… when we tune into the Super Bowl, we don’t want to see an advertisement for another campaign, we want pure comedic relief. Just make me laugh… that’s it, and I’ll buy your beer.

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