Kansas City Chiefs Flag Buried Underneath Las Vegas Stadium Gives Them Home Field Advantage For Super Bowl

Kansas City flag
Chris Scherzer

A flag helping the Kansas City Chiefs win a Super Bowl? That wouldn’t exactly be a first, if you catch my drift.

This time, it isn’t a flag that’s thrown (questionably) from a referee’s belt that will be helping the Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Though now that I think about it, we can’t exactly rule that out before the “Big Game.” Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles about last year’s Super Bowl…

Kansas City will match up against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII on February 11th after both teams won their respective conference championships. The Chiefs basically controlled the AFC Championship from start to finish (and sent the Ravens packing), whereas the 49ers needed a heroic second-half comeback to break the hearts of Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions.

So now, the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will battle for the Lombardi trophy in “Sin City,” where funny enough, players will have extreme limitations (they can’t gamble while they are there).

Home field advantage is usually a huge part of the NFL Playoffs, up until the Super Bowl, which is played at a neutral site every year. Patrick Mahomes put the “he’s never gone on the road in the playoffs” storyline to rest with the Chiefs taking down the Buffalo Bills and the Ravens on their way to the NFL’s championship this year, so apparently it doesn’t matter where the Chiefs play.

And now, the finale of the NFL’s season will be played in the shiny new Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders. Plenty of fans from both fanbases will trek to Nevada to pay exorbitant amounts of money to be there, so it should be a very “neutral” site. But there’s only one issue with that…

During the construction process of the $2 billion Allegiant Stadium, one of the construction workers allegedly buried a “Chiefs Kingdom” flag underneath the field. If true, the piece of Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia is buried underneath the 50-yard-line.

As you can see, there were some people that believe the flag “cursed” Allegiant Stadium, and there may be something to that. The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated in the Las Vegas Stadium in the four games they’ve played there, and have won each game by an average of 15 points.

Plus, you already KNOW that the NFL would not mind the storyline of the “underdog” Chiefs making a run in a year that wasn’t their best to win the Super Bowl. And the cherry on top? Travis Kelce proposing to Taylor Swift as the confetti falls down…

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