James Jordan & More Added To Cast Of Taylor Sheridan’s Upcoming ‘Landman’

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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of these new installments in the Taylor Sheridan universe. From Yellowstone, to its prequel series 1883 and 1923, and others such as Mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa King, and Special Ops: Lioness, there’s been so much to keep us on the edge of our seats.

However, Sheridan has made it very clear over the past couple of years that this is just the beginning. With that being said, we currently have Sheridan’s latest project, Landman, in the works as we speak.

According to Variety, Landman is based on the podcast Boomtown, and is set around the West Texas oil industry.

The synopsis describes it as:

“An upstairs/downstairs story of roughnecks and wildcat billionaires fueling a boom so big, it’s reshaping our climate, our economy, and our geopolitics.”

And now, we have some big names who are joining the cast for the upcoming project, such as Kayla Wallace, James Jordan, Mark Collie, and Paulina Chavez. The series had also previously announced the likes of Billy Bob Thornton, Ali Larter, Michelle Randolph, and Jacob Lofland as stars.

The outlet states that Wallace will play Rebecca Savage, an intimidating liability attorney who was sent to West Texas to “clean up a mess.” Jordan is set to play Dale Bradley, a petroleum engineer who manages and works with the roughnecks in the West Texas oil fields. Collie will play Sheriff Joeberg, who is simply described as a “West Texas sheriff.” And finally, Chavez will play Ariana, a young mother whose family has fallen on some bad luck and hard times.

Get ready, this oughta be a good one.

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