Yellowstone Fan Theory Suggests Jamie Dutton Actually Has A Strong Claim To The Dutton Land

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That’s a new one…

Ever since Yellowstone started picking up steam, fans have tried to get inside the mind of Taylor Sheridan. And every time you think you know what he’s up to, he throws you another curveball.

That being said, after the conclusion of 1883, and the mid-season finale of Yellowstone Season 5, one thing seem to be pretty clear…. the Duttons are in trouble.

The popular fan theory is that somehow the Dutton land will be given or sold to the Broken Rock Reservation, turned into federally protected land, and Tate, who is half Native American will continue the Dutton family story on the land that his ancestors settled on way back in the 1800s. It makes a lot of sense… and it makes EVEN MORE sense when you take into account the 1883 finale.

In the Season Finale of 1883, Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) is on the verge of death and her father, James Dutton (Tim McGraw) needs to find a place to bury her because wherever they bury her body is where the Dutton family is going to settle.

So Spotted Eagle, a Crow elder, recommends a spot called the Paradise Valley.

But, there’s a catch… the Duttons can’t have it forever.

“Yes, Paradise. Good name. But you know this: that in seven generations, my people will rise up and take it back from you.”

To which James says:

“In seven generations, you can have it.”

Tim McGraw recently confirmed that his character James Dutton is the great-great-grandfather of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) which would make Tate the 7th generation of Dutton. Of course, throw in Kayce’s whole “I saw the end of us” line after Monica asks him what he saw during his vision quest and all signs point to the end of the Dutton empire.


A new fan theory has gained some traction on Reddit and I have to say, it’s an intriguing one. Redditor AmericanWanderlust alleges that Jamie is part Native American as well, and somehow, HE will be the heir to the land… with or without the help of the Thomas Rainwater and the Broken Rock Reservation.

Here’s the breakdown:

“I also think Jamie is part Native American (we haven’t learned about her yet, but I think his birth mother is going to be either full or 75% Crow). This would explain that jet black hair (his father had sandy hair) and the high cheek bones and sharper features that he didn’t share with his bio dad. So where do they come from? Mom. This is also why the Phyllis was Evelyn’s sister thing doesn’t work for me.

Evelyn was super fair too, as is really the entire Dutton clan, pink complexions, sandy/blonde hair. I just don’t see any biological link to either side of the family for Jamie based off his appearance.The reason I like this theory is because in Season 4 Randall kept saying stuff to Jamie like “they stole your birthright” or “they stole your inheritance,” which would work from a Native American perspective.

It might also explain why John has always been ambivalent about him, not only is he adopted but if he has both a legal claim to the land as a 6th generation Dutton AND also has this ancestral Native American claim it makes him a stronger contender for the land than his siblings and puts him on equal footing with Tate. That could help to explain why John has always been fearful of his “selfishness” or whatever; that ultimately he knows Jamie has a stronger claim and multiple claims that would trump those of his biological children.

If Jamie is indeed part Native, then I can see him working with Rainwater and tribe to undermine the Duttons, as either AG or especially as governor. Maybe Tate is the ranch’s future or maybe Jamie gets even and ends up using his dueling claims to help himself to it? Lots of possibilities.”

Very interesting… and lots of possibilities, indeed.

I suppose we’ll find out soon enough… as the premiere of the second half of Season 5 is set for November of this year. The conclusion of Season 5 will also mark the series finale, and the end of an era in the Dutton saga.

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