Tarpon Jumps Clean Over Boat, Nearly Smacks Fisherman Square In The Face

Tarpon fish jumps out of water
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Head on a swivel.

Imagine being out on the calm water casting away just relaxing and then out of nowhere a tarpon jumps up over the boat. That’s almost a slap in the face… literally, and almost like the tarpon is taunting you.

Tarpon are a popular sport fish, they put up a good fight and can get huge. They can be up to 8 feet and well over 200-pounds. That doesn’t sound like a fish you want get hit in the face by. With a little momentum that could take a man right off his feet in a heartbeat… or worse. Three fishermen are seen fishing away on a calm ocean day. It looks so peaceful in the video. Then, out of nowhere a tarpon comes clear out of the water, between the fisherman and right over the boat.

This fish could get a high jump record, what a leap. He didn’t touch a thing. The men all seem very scared in the video, but how could a person not? This might not have been an 8-footer, but it was still a big enough to give a man a concussion.

Stay safe out there fellas.

Florida Fishermen Fights Alligator To Land A Tarpon

Fishing in Florida ain’t for the faint of heart.

Probably a bit more than these lads bargained for when fishing from a bridge, but hell, in that neck of the woods maybe they are on their toes a bit more for this kind of stuff. Alligators are one cool animal. They will eat just about anything the can get ahold of, some have even been found with license plates and bullets in their stomachs. They can get massive too, with large males pushing 1,000-pounds and 11-feet long. On top of the fact that they have the strongest bite force in North America.

That’s not an animal you want to have trying to bite your catch.

This group of fishermen are seen standing on a bridge fishing. They hook into a nice one and a gator starts attack the fish. They won’t give up the fight and double down. One lad is even seen beat the gator with the handle of his rod. They must really want to get that fish in…

As they try to net it, the alligator opens his jaws and lunges. The group continues to fight and as it lunges again towards their fish. They get it into the net and up to safety from the gator.

They boys came out with a really nice tarpon for a catch.

Helluva fishing story.

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And here’s the fish:

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