10 Country Songs About Boots (That Don’t Completely Suck)

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Trucks, beer, whiskey and boots: Some say you can’t have a modern country hit without mentioning each of one of these.

While some, if not most, of those songs are obviously cliché and pretty awful (cough cough, Luke Bryan’s “Knockin’ Boots”), there are for sure a few that are truly good and deserve their credit.

Here’s my 10 favorite country songs about boots:

10. Randall King – “When My Baby’s In Boots”

Just a good old fashioned Texas honky tune.

9. Cody Johnson – “Work Boots”

Fresh off his latest album Leather, this Cody Johnson song features some great play on words and a catchy melody. While I wouldn’t say it’s his best song ever, it certainly belongs in the conversation for top songs about boots.


This may get on some people’s nerves, but if you can look past the capitalized letters, this song is pretty great and is certainly one of my favorite guilty pleasure songs.

Not only is it super catchy and has some of the rock sound we’ve grow to love in artists like Koe Wetzel but HARDY’s lyrics are pretty great and really hit you as the song progresses.

7. Brooks & Dunn – Boot Scootin’ Boogie

What would a list of boot songs be without a little line dancing? A karaoke staple and honkytonk favorite, Brooks & Dunn bring the heat and gets those boots tapping and sliding across the floor.

6. Jon Wolfe – Boots On A Dance Floor

The dream of being young and free, as told through metaphors. Jon Wolfe’s classic will stand the test of time, in part due to his voice, that baritone is fantastic.

5. Terri Clark – Better With My Boots On

By far one of the most underrated songs on this list, Terri Clark proves once again she’s the real deal and has been underappreciated for most of her career.

4. Shania Twain – Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under

Is there a more catchy opening line than “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” There are many reasons Shania Twain is a legend and this is just one. LFG Girls…

3. Aaron Watson – These Old Boots Have Roots

Between the driving beat, the fiddle solo, and the gravel in his voice, Aaron Watson knocked this one out of the park. It touches on the pride many people feel about their home and their raising without being cliché, something we know country music needs more of.

2. Dolly Parton – Daddy’s Working Boots

You knew Dolly had to make an appearance. This ode to her father and his years of hard work to support the family is one of my favorites by her and honors a man Dolly has nothing but respect and pride for.

1. Eric Church – These Boots

As if there would be any question, The Chief clocks in at number 1. “These Boots” has long been a fan favorite and remains one of his best songs to date, which really says something considering how deep his catalogue is.

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