CBS Accidentally Broadcasts PGA Tour Golfer Peeing Live On National Television

golfer peeing

Television has gotten so graphic nowadays, they’re even showing full-frontal nudity during PGA events.

Might I add that this slip up was on network television as well, which by FCC standards, makes it that much worse (for some reason). And this comes only a couple of weeks after the PGA narrowly avoided showing a golfer peeing on a tree in the background of a live shot.

Seems like the PGA Tour might need to crack down on this “peeing out in the open” issue? Or maybe follow through with the idea of port-a-johns on every hole like Jon Rahm suggested before he abandoned the PGA for the LIV Tour?

If you’ve ever played golf and needed to take relief out on the course (and I’m talking about using the bathroom, not hitting into a penalty area), you know that there are a couple of steps you need to take in order to ensure everything goes well. Strangely enough, preparing to pee on a golf course utilizes steps that are similar to preparing to hit a golf ball:

Stance: you want to make sure that you are in a good spot first of all, and once you are, your feet should be shoulder width apart

Target: make sure you know where you are going, and account for wind

Aim: always ensure that you are not in the aim of any cameras or eyesight of anyone else out on the course

This PGA golfer, who is participating in the Farmers Insurance Open at the Torrey Pines South Course in California, thought he had found a nice remote spot in the bushes behind the tee box. It appears he paid attention to his stance, and his target, but forgot to look to the sky to check off “aim,” because a drone caught him in the act.

Luckily, it was a drifting shot, so it only caught the golfer at the perfect angle for a moment. It was still enough time to warrant some TV executives to “pull at their collars,” and viewers to clutch their pearls as they saw a man relieving himself in the bushes in beautiful, sunny California.

Take a look:

Yikes…someone in the media truck is going to get a talking to after that one.

The video has made its rounds on social media, and many online have decided to make some jokes about the incident (with some using topical golf memes):

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock