The PGA Tour Was Dangerously Close To Broadcasting Pro Golfer Peeing On Live TV

golfer peeing in woods

Man, this seems like something that would happen on the LIV Tour, but not the pristine, perfect PGA Tour.

During the Sony Open, which is taking place in Oahu, Hawaii, the PGA Tour and the Golf Channel narrowly dodged airing a huge calamity. It also could have been an average sized calamity, or a small calamity…no one is really sure.

Golf Channel’s broadcast was showing professional golfer Keegan Bradley lining up his putt from just off the green, and it also unintentionally showed another pro golfer off in the distance in the background. The focus was supposed to be on Bradley as he prepared for his next shot, but instead, all anyone cared about was what was going on behind Keegan.

One fairway over was a classic case of a golfer utilizing a tree as a bathroom, and though he probably looked around to make sure that would be a good spot, he must have missed the big camera tower that happened to be honing in on his direction.

Basically in the nick of time, the broadcast switched to a different camera angle, right before the golfer in the distance got out his…you know. I’ll save you the trouble and not include all of the easily accessible golf puns (like golf balls, grip strength, shaft angle, etc.) that could be applied to this situation.

And this all could have been avoided if the PGA would have listened to their former golfer (now LIV golfer) Jon Rahm. He once pushed for porta-potties on every hole at PGA events, and clearly the tour didn’t listen. They might wish they did now though as they watch this clip that’s now going viral.

Check it out:

Yeah, that cutaway could not have come at a better time. They actually could have probably changed cameras a few seconds before, but props to those on the camera crew for doing their best and avoiding a big ol’ fine with inches seconds to spare.

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