World’s Luckiest Buck Lives Another Day When Hunter’s Arrow Is Blocked By A Tiny Twig

Hunter misses deer from feet away
Afflictor Broadheads

Absolutely gut wrenching…

There’s no bigger rush than sitting in the deer stand on a cool morning, spotting a nice buck casually walk within range, drawing back… seriously, the adrenaline kick is through the roof. And every now and then, you’ll get lucky enough for that buck to walk straight up, right underneath your stand, giving you the perfect shot to harvest the buck of a lifetime.

Although sometimes, the easiest shots can be the hardest… especially when the tiniest of tree branches gets in the way.

Afflictor Broadheads LLC posted a video on Facebook that was sent in to them from a hunter named Tanner Hartz. In the 11-second clip, you see the massive buck stare up at him for a second, right before he drops the string on ’em.

The arrow PERFECTLY splits the branch down the middle, blocking the shot, and our antlered friend will survive the arrow for at least another day. I mean, does it get more heartbreaking? A fraction of an inch in any direction and he’d miss the branch completely. What are the odds?

You hate to see it…

Talk about BRUTAL.

This is like missing a wide-open layup in basketball, missing a six-inch putt in golf, and even worse, early celebrating a touchdown in football by dropping the ball before you cross the goal line.

Prayers for my guy.

For the buck though… cheers to another day on planet Earth.

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