The Internet Was Not Prepared For AI-Generated Version Of Patrick Star Singing Jamey Johnson’s “In Color”

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Jamey Johnson

AI has officially begun to scare me.

The use of AI has increased significantly over the years, and with AI having some good attributes, there are also some wild things that the technology can do. We have seen artificial intelligence do some wild things, like create images inspired by ’90s yearbook photos, but that is just the start of what AI can do. The trend of cartoon characters singing famous songs is part of the AI trend that blows my mind each time.

We’ve seen Hank Hill from King Of The Hill take the internet by storm with his cover of Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” and Johnny Cash singing “Barbie Girl.” Now, we have another mildly… good? cover to add to that list.

From the hit Nickelodeon show Spongebob Squarepants, someone has put a cowboy hat on Patrick Star for him to sing Jamey Johnson’s “In Color.” This song is a staple from Jamey Johnson’s catalog and a more than beloved song by country music fans. While “In Color” is a commonly covered track, I am not sure I had a cartoon character singing it on my bingo card.

I am not going to lie; it feels wrong to like this version as much as I do.

While this is both amazing and terrifying for what AI can do and what it means for the future of music, one thing is for sure…the internet was not prepared for this version of “In Color” to be good. Given that Spongebob’s voice is high-pitched, squeaky, and (most of the time) does not mesh well when trying to match other artists’ styles, the general thought was that Patrick’s covers would follow a similar stride.

Boy…were we wrong.

Patrick’s deep, silky, smooth voice follows the same baritone vocals as Johnson’s in the original recording of the track. With a slight rasp at the end of each note, it almost sounds like you are listening to your Grandpa sing to you as you sit around a bonfire.

After hearing this cover, social media users’ commentary highlights how the collective was shocked at how good it sounded. If there is ever a seat at the country music table for cartoon characters, Patrick’s got a setting with his name on it.

“Sing it, Pat.”

“I didn’t know I needed this in my life, but I sure do.”

“….. I’m crying.”

“Definitely has a Marlboro and a whiskey bottle next to ’em.”

“Reaching levels of emotions I’ve not felt since Pa passed in 35.”

“Am I…. Crying?”


He put so much heart into it.”

“Oliver Anthony mixed with Jamey Johnson.”

“Damn right, Patrick.”

“Why does it actually LEGITIMATELY sound kinda good.”

“Didn’t know Pat had that dawg in him.”

“Pat got chest hair now.”

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