“Get Out Bubba” – Bear Climbs Into Mini Cooper In Search Of Pizza, Brave Man Coaxes It Out


If you live in bear country, one of the number rules is to never leave food out that would attract bears.

Technically, this food wasn’t left “out,” though sitting in a car that has its windows down doesn’t really count as “in” either. Regardless, a pizza that was left in this Mini Cooper quickly turned the vehicle into an interesting insurance claim.

The two people in this video were way too calm and giggly about this whole thing. I don’t know about you, but if I walked outside and realized a wild bear was crawling through my car, scratching things and breaking glass, I’d be having something close to a mental breakdown.

Instead, the two people in this TikTok couldn’t stop laughing at this interesting predicament, which saw the guy videoing doing his best Dr. Dolittle impression as he barked out commands at the bear inside the small car.

At one point, the guy even casually says this:

“Get out of my car. Get out. Get out bubba.”

The “get out of my car” comments are warranted, but calling a bear bubba? That nickname is reserved for dogs that are a little husky and one half of the founding members of Bubba-Gump Shrimp, not a wild bear digging through a vehicle in search of food.

Despite it being a weird nickname for a bear, the man videoing continually uses “bubba” as he tries to talk the bruin into exiting the Mini Cooper. The doors on the driver’s side were all open wide, but the bear decided it would rather try to escape through the passenger window (the way it entered into the car).

The bear finally manages to fit its rear end back through the passenger side window, though not before it did plenty of damage to the smaller car (exterior and interior scratched, busted front windshield).

Even after the bear exited the vehicle, the man behind the camera couldn’t stop laughing about the incident. Either I’m crazy in saying that I would be upset that all of this happened, or this guy is one of the most optimistic, easy-going people in the world.

You can take a look at the captivating bear encounter below:

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Mini Coopers are usually viewed as smaller cars, but the one in this video looked pretty spacious. If it can comfortably seat a bear, it can comfortably fit more than a few humans, which is good news if you are in the market for a Mini Cooper.

TikTokers that viewed the footage of the pizza-dinner-gone-wrong had plenty of thoughts on the situation, and left some commentary below the post saying:

“Dude is acting like it’s an everyday occurrence that a bear just hops in the car.”

“At least you have a video to help explain the damages.”

“Calling a bear ‘bubba’ is crazy.”

“Keep those doors locked and the windows up.”

“The bear thought it was his Uber.”

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