Wisconsin Boaters Pull Bucket Off The Head Of Bear That Was Swimming In Lake

bear with a bucket on its head

Well you certainly don’t see something like this every day…

Imagine yourself out on the lake, enjoying the sights, casting some lines and plugging along in your boat when you see something bobbing in the water.

If you were to see a plastic container splashing around, your first thought would be something like:

“Oh great! Some no-good, nature-hater decided they were too special to throw something away, so they chucked it into the water.”

So like the good samaritan that you are, you turn your boat in that direction to retrieve the garbage floating in the lake. But then you notice that the plastic bucket seems to be moving sporadically, and not necessarily with the flow of the water.

And once you get close enough, you discover that the reason the garbage was moving so strangely on the water’s surface is because there is a swimming bear attached to it.

I’m not being strangely specific, or outlandishly creative with that scenario. I’m simply describing what happened to this Wisconsin family, and how their relaxing fishing night turned into a harrowing middle-of-the-lake bear rescue.

You almost just have to see the video to believe it, because I’m not even sure the Hurt family (who were there in person and actually experienced it) could totally wrap their heads around what was taking place.

And speaking of heads being wrapped around things, this bear probably would have been in a heap of trouble if this fishing family didn’t come by when they did.

The swimming bear had a plastic bucket stuck on its head as it treaded water, and was having a fair amount of trouble with it when the boat came to its rescue.

At first, the bear was intimidated by the sound of the boat, and wasn’t necessarily conducive to the man trying to yank the container off of its head.

But at some point, the bruin must have realized “you know, I better get this thing off so I don’t suffocate and/or drown,” and it finally came around to the idea.

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the man at the head of the boat was finally able to get a good grip on the bucket, pulling it up into the air (and the bear out of the water with it) before the container eventually slid off the bear’s noggin.

All the Hurt family could do was laugh as they then watched the bucket-less bear continue to swim across the glossy lake water towards shore.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock