Sierra Ferrell Hilariously Details The Snack And Dinner Situation While Recording “Holy Roller” With Zach Bryan

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Sierra Ferrell recently announced a her sophomore album Trail of Flowers is due out everywhere on March 22nd, and so far, she’s released two fantastic singles in “Fox Hunt” and “Dollar Bill Bar.”

And this week, she appeared on the Zach Sang Show podcast, where she told some incredibly fascinating stories, talked country music, and of course, they asked about her collaboration with Zach Bryan on “Holy Roller.”

The song was included on Zach’s 2023 self-titled album, and on this episode, she talked a little bit about what the recording process was like. She says that Zach flew her to Philadelphia so they could be in the studio together, adding that his whole team was super “respectful and sweet” throughout the process:

“I went to Philadelphia, they flew me out there. Him and his whole gang, and the band was there, and he’s a delight to work with…

They’re super respectful, super sweet. It was really fun though.”

But the best part was when she explained the snack and dinner situation, which definitely tracks for a bunch of 20-something year old guys, though I don’t think it’s necessarily what Sierra’s used to when she records her own stuff in the studio:

“I will say, I was like, ‘So what kind of snack do y’all have?’ And they’re like ‘Oh, right over there.’ So I walk over, and it’s Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, Goldfish, Cheez-Its, Capri-Suns. I mean, of course I had one of everything… I was like well, when in Rome, you know?

And I was like, ‘What’s for dinner?’ And they’re like ‘Oh, we’re gonna order Wendy’s.’ I was like alright, spicy chicken sandwich it is… sad chicken.”

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to refer to a chicken sandwich as anything other than “sad chicken” again…

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“Holy Roller”

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