Poor Pup Needed Emergency Surgery After He Swallowed Two Large Fishing Hooks

dog who swallowed fish hook
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Sometimes you go out and catch fish, while other times you go out and catch expensive veterinary bills.

A pet owner and their dog in the United Kingdom had quite the scare recently when the seven-month-old Labrador named Kyte swallowed two sharp, sizable fishing hooks.

The owner was apparently on a walk with her pet when they heard their dog scream and cough in agony, and noticed a length of fishing wire was hanging out of Kyte’s mouth.

Knowing that the young pup was experiencing incredible pain, the owner rushed him to a local veterinary hospital. They later would say in a statement on the vet hospital’s website that they were immensely concerned for their pet:

“We were incredibly worried. Kyte was only seven months old at the time and there was a high chance that he might not make it through the procedure due to the location of the fishing hooks.

Also, if Kyte made it through the procedure, we were unsure of the kind of aftercare that he might need. If he came home, we didn’t know if the procedure would affect Kyte’s quality of life going forward.”

X-rays quickly revealed that the hooks the dog swallowed were both large and in some very dangerous places in the dog’s body.

Following a long and extremely risky surgery, Kyte was kept at the pet hospital for nearly two weeks in recovery and observation.

Thankfully, the dog pulled through after the intense operation, and the pet owner could not have been more grateful:

“Kyte is now back to normal and it really does feel like a miracle. The only evidence that anything happened is the scar he has running down his chest and stomach, but thanks to Graham’s incredible surgical skills, even that is barely noticeable.”

dog x-ray fishing hook

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