Wild Boar Turns The Tables On Hungry Wolf Pack In Rare Trailcam Footage

boar chasing wolves
Sławek Skukowski

It’s not often a pack of wolves circle a lone prey animal and it survives, but in nature nothing is a guarantee.

Trailcam footage from Poland shows an intense, and very rare, moment when a wild boar was encircled by a pack of at least 5 wolves, but instead of rolling over and becoming a pork loin dinner, it fought back with a strategy and aggression that proves it wasn’t his first rodeo.

While wild boar can grow to be over 250 pounds and are known to be pretty hard to handle, pretty much any animal that gets surrounded by wolves is in a pretty bad spot, like we saw with this bison, but this particular swine had other plans.

It timed its charges perfectly, jumped away from snapping jaws, and maintained a safe (enough) distance from the canines while scattering their well designed circle to bits, eventually forcing the pack to give up on the attempt and move on to find another animal for dinner.

Or so we think. The it’s possible the wolves were able to regroup and pick it off later when outside of the camera’s view, but hey, let’s go with the first story.

Wildlife photographer Slwomir Skukowski was the one who set up these camera and spoke to Głos Szczeciński about what he was able to capture:

I have been setting camera traps for many years, I have seen many things, but this is a lifetime first.”

I understand that wolves need to eat too, but it’s always fun to root for the underdog, so watching one win (probably) is a good time.

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