Trace Adkins Tells Bill Maher He “Doesn’t Buy Into” COVID Vaccine Conspiracy Theories: “Give Me A Vaccine For Everything”

Trace Adkins
Club Random with Bill Maher

Count Trace Adkins as one who has no regrets over taking the COVID vaccine.

We’re over 3 years since the first vaccine for COVID-19 was rolled out, and the debate surrounding the vaccine is still raging as fierce as ever.

But one person who’s not second-guessing his decision to get vaccinated is Trace Adkins.

The country star sat down with Bill Maher for an episode of his Club Randon with Bill Maher podcast and discussed his thoughts on the vaccine.

After admitting that he’s gotten COVID twice despite being vaccinated, Maher jokingly asked Adkins whether he thought the vaccine “had a chip in it” to track him:

“I don’t buy into all that crap. I’m like, ‘Give me a vaccine for everything that you’ve got one for.’

I’ll take ’em. I’m not scared of that sh*t.”

Maher pointed out that Adkins likely wasn’t scared because of all that he’s been through, like getting shot in the heart:

“I just don’t think they’re trying to put something in the vaccines to control us. Give me a vaccine for everything.

Or that it makes us feminine or whatever? I didn’t notice that either.”

I mean, I know it’s 2024 but I don’t think Adkins’ deep voice would ever be confused as feminine…

Trace Adkins Says Morgan Wallen & Jason Aldean Aren’t Racist

During the interview, Adkins also came to the defense of Jason Aldean and Morgan Wallen, denying that either of the stars are racist and arguing that the attempts to “cancel” them have only made them bigger stars.

Maher admits that he had never heard much about Aldean before the controversy surrounding his hit song “Try That In A Small Town,” but that the entire controversy was a “smear job.”

“The people who just want to get you are the ones who piss me off. And I felt like there was no smoking gun…

There’s just different kinds of Americans. You can’t bully the people who grew up in Tennessee or Louisiana into being you. It sounds like Jason Aldean, he’s a country guy. This is the kind of sh*t he’s into, and the kind of stuff he thinks…You can’t bully people into not being who they are. And they are no worse than you.”

And Adkins called the controversy “silly,” arguing that it’s actually helping Jason Aldean:

“It’s all so silly anyway. The grievance junkies turn on somebody and they try to cancel them, and all it’s gonna do, he’s gonna sell more records than he ever has and it’s gonna make him bigger than he’s ever been.

He had no idea, man. You know how many music videos I’ve done that I’ve called up the director and went, ‘Hey man, now what about this location where we’re shooting this thing?’ And if I did do that it would only be because I didn’t know where I was going.”

Maher adds:

“It’s not the way to fight racism, by just making sh*t up to point your finger at somebody.”

And he also brought up Morgan Wallen for his own controversy:

“Maybe I’m naive but I just don’t think these people are racist.”

It was a sentiment that Trace agreed with based on his own experience:

“I’ve been around both of those guys. They’re good guys. They’re not racist.”

And he also joked that after seeing what’s happened to Wallen’s career, he’d be happy to be canceled:

“He sold out two nights in a row, 55,000+ tickets each night. God, cancel ME.”

You can check out the full conversation on Bill Maher’s podcast here, with the conversation about Aldean and Wallen starting around the 42 minute mark.


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