Tourist Idiotically Risks His Life To Snap An Up-Close Picture Of Elk At Jasper National Park

Elk charges man who just stands there

You know the warning that your side mirrors give you? “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear?”

Take that idea, but apply it to every unintelligent person that visits this great country’s national parks. When “tourons” walk right up to wild animals, despite every possible warning not to do so, there should be a blanket statement that covers the story every time we see it unfold:

“Idiots in outdoors videos may be closer to wildlife than they should be.”

That was certainly true with this footage out of Jasper National Park in Canada when a man walked right up to an elk with a digital camera. He apparently thought it was worth it to risk his life to get a picture with his crappy digital camera.

The tourist also didn’t take the multiple hints that the large, 1000 pound elk was giving him. And by hints, I mean aggressive lunges and lowering of antlers in the direction of the man invading its personal space.

Even though the elk was clearly in attack mode, the man only slowly retreated, and even continued to stand his ground and take pictures after he retreated backwards a few yards. You’ve got to give the guy some credit…if he is an idiot, he’s a stubborn and persistent one at that.

Take a look:

It’s a wonder people like that have made it this far in life, if we’re being honest.

Those on Instagram that viewed the video had no problem at all tearing into the tourist at Jasper National Park, leaving comments underneath the post saying:

“Is stupidity directly correlated to how high his pants are?”

“I’m rooting hard for the deer!”

“He’s lucky he was warned twice and not just rammed. Then he still didn’t go far enough away because it could run him down quick, fast and in a hurry. He’s LUCKY.”

“That’s a different kind of stupid.”

“I’m so tired of humans doing these ridiculous acts that can potentially result in an innocent wild animal losing their life. These people should be charged and pay big fines.”

It was the “high pants” burn that really did it for me…

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