RANKED: Every Taylor Sheridan Series From Worst To First

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It’s no secret that Yellowstone has opened so many doors for creator Taylor Sheridan.

Ever since Yellowstone made its debut back in 2018, we’ve seen a whole world of Sheridan shows make their way onto TV screens across the country, featuring a ton of famed cast members to go along with it.

Today, I found myself wondering:

“What are the best shows Taylor Sheridan has put out?”

So, naturally, I decided to compile a list of all of Taylor Sheridan’s shows ranked from worst to best, but let’s be honest, there isn’t a single bad show Sheridan has released yet. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but there’s a reason he’s the busiest man in the business.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the universe of Taylor Sheridan, ranking from worst to first:

7. Special Ops: Lioness

As with all of Sheridan’s shows, Special Ops: Lioness consists of an impressive cast, including the likes of Zoe Saldana, Laysla De Oliveira, Nicole Kidman, and Morgan Freeman. The show is based on a specialized group of female undercover CIA agents who are fighting the war on terror.

6. Tulsa King

Starring the legend Sylvester Stallone, this one is about a former mob leader who makes his way to Tulsa, Oklahoma after being released from prison, where he proceeds to band together a mob of his own.

5. Lawman: Bass Reeves

While Taylor Sheridan didn’t write or direct this one himself, he was originally slated to, and he still produced it for Paramount+ so we’re counting it. Starring David Oyelowo, Dennis Quaid, Shea Wigham and more, Bass Reeves tells the story of the legendary law enforcement officer who became the first Black U.S. Deputy Marshals west of the Mississippi.

4. 1923

Once again, Sheridan outdid himself with this cast, as it stars the likes of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. The Yellowstone prequel series documents the Dutton family post World War I and pre Great Depression. We’re still waiting on the second and final season of 1923, so when it is all said and done, there’s chance we could see this one rise in the rankings.

3. Mayor of Kingstown

Mayor of Kingstown is one of Sheridan’s original shows, starring famed actor Jeremy Renner. This show follows the McLusky family in Kingstown, Michigan, a city prison is the only real industry. Acting as the mediators between the street gangs, prisoners, guards, and cops, the McLusky family has battled to keep the peace in Kingstown for decades, but there doesn’t seem to be any hope in sight.

The show has been green lit for a 3rd season, and Renner himself has confirmed they started filming, however a premiere date is unknown at this time.

2. Yellowstone

Of course, the OG was gonna be in contention for the top spot, but some fizzle on the back end, and abrupt ending is gonna land it at #2. The constant conflict the Dutton family faces in order to protect their land has kept us on the edge of our seats from Season 1, and now we’re just waiting to see how it all wraps up this coming November for the second half of Season 5.

1. 1883

This Yellowstone prequel series follows the origins of the Dutton family, and their trek out west, where they ultimately settle down in Montana. The show perfectly documents the conflicts the Dutton family and other settlers faced, from Native American attacks, sickness, rattlesnake bites, and squabbles between their own group. Once again, we have another legendary cast including Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, and more, but for me, it’s the massive production value that sends this limited series to the top.

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