It’s So Cold In Texas That Alligators Are Frozen In The Ice

alligator under ice

What kind of sorcery is this?

Video of an alligator completely frozen over in a frozen pond in Beaumont, Texas is currently going viral, and no, it’s not dead.

Eddie Hanhart posted the wild footage on his TikTok account, and was sure to remind all viewers that the gator was alive, and will be back to normal in that exact position once the freezing temperatures subside. You can see the alligator’s snout sticking out of the water, which is how it is able to breathe while the rest of its body is inside the frozen pond.

Hanhart, who is a reptile enthusiast and employee at Gator County Adventure Park, says in the video:

“We bundle up, but this is what the American alligator does. See, he knew it was going to freeze last night. So he went to a nice comfy spot, stuck his nose out of the water, and let the ice freeze around his nose.

He is not dead, he is fully alive. He has his heart rate down to three beats per minute right now, and whenever the ice thaws out, he’ll get up on the bank and start soaking up those nice hot sun rays, and he’ll be able to warm up.”

This phenomenon is called brumation.

Brumation is a term used to describe a state of dormancy or slowed metabolic activity that certain cold-blooded animals, particularly reptiles such as alligators, undergo in response to cold temperatures. It is similar to hibernation, but for cold-blooded animals.

When the weather gets super cold, these cold blooded critters (alligators, snakes, turtles, and lizards) become less active, eat less frequently, and exhibit a decrease in their metabolic rate. This Zen-mode helps them conserve energy when environmental conditions are not conducive to normal metabolic processes. Brumation is often triggered by cooler temperatures and reduced daylight hours, signaling to the animals that winter or a period of environmental stress is approaching.

It’s important to note that brumation is a natural and adaptive behavior for these animals, allowing them to survive in environments where temperature extremes can affect their physiological processes. So while it may look like they’re dead, this process actually keeps them from dying in these frigid temps. They stick their snouts up through the surface to breathe, while the rest of their body stays below the surface, frozen in the ice… and then, they just chill until it warms up and they thaw out.

Pretty cool, huh?

Check it out:

@eddiehanhart123 The amarican alliagtor is absolutely magnificent!! @Gator Country TX #americanalligator #gatorcountrybmt ♬ original sound – eddie h

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