Bear Cub Tumbles Out Of Tree Top & Caught By Good Samaritans Armed With A Tarp

Bear falls out of tree

Oh to be a clumsy bear cub that doesn’t know any better.

Doesn’t it always seem like baby bears are up to no good? I’d say that most of the time they are, and then the mother bears are usually somewhere nearby to set everything straight.

That’s why I would have been nervous intervening with this bear cub in distress. Sure, it looked like it needed some help as it climbed into the top of a tree and went out on a portion not sturdy enough to hold it, but what if the mother was around?

Choosing to help the bear cub could turn into fending off an attacking mama bear real quick, even though you were just trying to ensure the safety of the baby bruin. As the old saying goes, if you see a bear cub, you should leave it alone (due to the mother bear likely being nearby).

The people in this video couldn’t help but think that they could give the bear a hand (or paw) as it was literally trying to hang in there. It had ventured too far out on the tree after climbing up it, and was now going to fall a good 15-feet down to the ground.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this cub should not have gone out on a limb (such a stupid joke, but hopefully you enjoyed it). If you weren’t a fan of that nature pun, the next one might be more your speed.

Maybe the bear cub just felt like branching out? And quickly found out that if you don’t think things through all the way, you’ll quickly come back down to Earth (that concludes the corny jokes).

So just as the bear started to lose its grip on the tree limb, the people who were standing by decided to intervene, and ran over with a tarp to catch the falling cub. Shoutout out to them, because they made catching a flailing baby bear with a tarp look easy.

Check it out:

I’m sure the bear cub would have survived the fall if no one had been there to catch it, but luckily for the cub, it never had to find out if it would have or not. The tarp broke the fall, and the cub lived to see another day (and likely climb another tree).

Those on social media that watched the clip were supportive of the people that helped the cub, but like me, were concerned about the mother bear that had to be watching from somewhere:

That last reply wasn’t all that creative… considering they basically just repeated the name of the account that posted the clip.

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