Minnesota Man Drags Ice Fishing Shack Through 3 Feet Of Water In Wild Viral Video

Ice house in Minnesota

If you were planning on going ice fishing in northern Minnesota, now’s your chance. It’s been cold as hell up north, well… pretty much everywhere across the country, and the ice is finally thick enough to wet a line through the hard water.

So get out there soon because it won’t last forever.

Footage from last spring has gone viral again as we’re in the peak of the ice fishing season across North America. An ice fishing resort worker taking his truck out onto the ice to retrieve an ice house.

However, there’s one problem. There wasn’t much ice left, and what was ice had turned into straight water, and it was quickly rising, nearly flooding the worker’s truck on the ice road.

According to FOX 9, the driver of the truck was fishing guide Eric Best, who works at the resort in the Lake of the Woods, Minnesota.

He told the outlet:

“Ice is never 100% safe, so I would by no means advise someone to go out on their own driving through a flooded ice road, but it’s a road we are traveling every day so to the best of our knowledge the ice was safe enough to get out there.

And like I said we had customers out there, so it’s kind of an obligation to get out there and make sure they get off safely and the houses off safely.”

Before the video was shot, Best had to go out and retrieve the guests who were staying in the ice house, and were checking out that morning.

He says that he had taken measurements and knew there was still three to four inches inches of ice below the water, but there was still enough to make his heart race.

Granted, I’d argue that 3-4 inches of ice below the water is way too little to be driving a truck and trailer over, but he’s the expert, not me.

“It was quite a bit of water. It kind of gets contained between the banks on the side of the road.

There were parts of it that were 3.5′ deep of water, so, it’s kind of a lot but its honestly relatively typical of this time of year. Almost every year you run into this sort of stuff.”

Best noted that they tend to run into flooded roads every year, but this specific year was a bit worse than the others.

However, luckily enough, everybody made it out safely.

Check it out:

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