“What If I Shot Tom Brady?” – Florida Man Recalls The Time Tom Brady Accidentally Walked Into His House

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What would you do if an intruder came into your house, and that intruder was a 7-time Super Bowl Champion?

Tampa Bay resident David Kramer was struggling with that exact predicament back in 2020, when Tom Brady accidentally entered his home shortly after the world found out that he was leaving New England and taking his talents to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As the story goes, Brady was obviously unfamiliar with the area, and was sent to meet with who was then the Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. So Tom went to what he thought was Leftwich’s home, only to walk into his next door neighbor’s house, which belonged to regular guy (non-NFL-coach) David Kramer.

Kramer explained how it went down on a segment featured on NFL on ESPN:

“It was a Tuesday on the 7th of April. I would normally lock my door, but I was moving some things that day so it was just open. I was sitting at my computer at this island right here, next thing you know I look and see at the front door this large shadow.

And then I saw the doorknob turning, and I remember sitting there going ‘Oh my God, somebody’s coming into my house.’ And I just kind of froze.”

Like how anyone else would react, the Florida resident was shocked to see someone coming through his front door when he wasn’t expecting anyone to stop by. And things got even more strange when Brady made his way into the house:

“I see this tall guy walk in with a baseball hat on and he had a bag or two on his shoulders and he dropped the bags down like he was going to stay for a while…like he owned the place, which is funny.

Then he just kind of looked up at me and said ‘Hey man, what’s going on?’ and I said sarcastically ‘I don’t know man, you tell me. What are you doing in my freaking house?'”

Imagine asking an NFL legend what the hell he is doing coming into your home. Kramer hadn’t recognized Brady yet, but if he had, I’m sure he would have offered up a warmer welcome into his house.

He continued to describe the wild situation:

“He got this very puzzled look on his face and he goes ‘Am I in the wrong house?’ And I said ‘You know, I think you are, but you look familiar, where are you supposed to be?’ And he said ‘I’m supposed to be at Byron’s house.’

Right at that moment, when he said that, I was like ‘Oh my God, Tom Brady is in my freaking house right now. Tom Brady, are you kidding me?’ Before I knew it, he was grabbing his bags and said ‘I’m so sorry sir, I’m so sorry’ and he just bolted.”

Tom Brady had gotten Leftwich and Kramer’s homes mixed up, and it was only when the all-time-great dropped Byron’s name that the Tampa Bay resident realized that he was in the presence of greatness.

Once he did though, it was too late, because Tom was already out the door with his bags and onto the home he was supposed to walk into. Kramer couldn’t help but think how things could have gone down differently as he replayed the situation in his mind:

“I started thinking about all of the things that could have gone so wrong. If I had a gun, what if I shot Tom Brady? Could you imagine that? I can’t even imagine that.”

Holy smokes…I can see the headline now: “Florida Man Shoots Tom Brady.”

Imagine being the man known for shooting Tom Brady. If things would have taken a turn for the worse, David Kramer could have been single handedly responsible for keeping Brady from winning his 7th Super Bowl.

Thankfully, the worst thing anyone experienced during the awkward encounter was a little bit of embarrassment, and for Kramer, he walked away with a story that he can tell for years to come.

You can listen to the Florida man tell the story himself in the video below:

And if you are a fan of comedy movies, this whole situation likely reminded you of a critical plot point from the 2010 film The Other Guys.

Remember when Mark Wahlberg’s character was known forever as “The Yankee Clipper” because he accidentally shot Derek Jeter?

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