Eric Church & Morgan Wallen Hit The Lake Together In New Teaser For Apparent ‘Field & Stream’ Relaunch

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Field & Stream

What are these two cooking up?

Eric Church and Morgan Wallen have teamed up quite a bit in the past, with Eric even joining Morgan on his current single “Man Made A Bar” from Morgan’s latest album One Thing At A Time. 

And the two have formed a well-publicized friendship, with Eric praising Morgan for his authentic sound while Morgan calls Eric one of his “heroes.” They’ve been seen hitting the golf course and the lake together to do a little fishing, along with their high-profile performances together at places like the recent CMA Awards and even appearing at each other’s concerts.

But it seems like the duo have something new in the works, this time with outdoor brand Field & Stream.

The longtime apparel brand was established in 1871 as Gordon & Ferguson Merchandising Company, which began selling clothing under the brand “Field and Stream” in 1915. But in 2012, the licensing rights to the brand were sold to Dick’s Sporting Goods, which eventually phased most of the Field & Stream brand into their own new concept, Public Lands, and closed most of the existing Field & Stream stores.

It seems like the iconic brand might be ready to make a comeback though.

In the teaser released this week, Eric Church and Morgan Wallen are seen wearing Field & Stream apparel while sitting in a boat casting a line, with a voicer from Church speaking on what it means to be American:

“What is it that makes us Americans? Is it our faith? Our beliefs? Our shared sense of community? Our culture?

Or is it a fly rod in a majestic canyon? Is it a first light, first time for your firstborn in a midwestern field?

Is it the smell of a campfire in a familiar holler with four lifetime friends, four half empty glasses, and one more full bottle?

Since 1871 we’ve been a part of that conversation. And like all Americans, we sometimes lost our way. But like America, we always find our way back.”

The teaser was posted by both Eric and Morgan on Instagram with the caption pointing to a launch date of January 25, and appears on Field & Stream’s website with a countdown to 9am central on 1/25.

Sounds like we’ll know what their comeback’s going to look like in just a few days.


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