Missouri Man Breaks Fishing Record After Telling His Wife He Was Going Out To Break A Fishing Record

Perch fishing
Jeffrey Needles

Talk about calling your shot.

A Missouri man by the name of Jeffrey Needles is off to a good start in 2024. The avid fisherman decided to go out to Lake Lotawana to throw out a couple of lines, and believe it or not, Needles predicted exactly what was going to happen on his fishing expedition.

Needles had been interested in catching yellow perch, and was intrigued by trying to set a new state record by using a throwline to do it. He told the Missouri Department of Conservation:

“I’d talked about breaking this record a lot. We’ve always had yellow perch in Lake Lotawana, and I thought, ‘What if I did a throwline for alternative records?’

My wife asked me what I was doing that day and I jokingly told her, ‘I’m going out to break the record for yellow perch!’”

They say there’s a lot of power in manifestation, and Needles must have tapped into that method of manifesting when he told his wife what he wanted to do, and then did exactly that. The Missouri fisherman hooked a 12-ounce yellow perch, and it apparently didn’t take him very long to do it:

“I was very surprised to get one so quickly, so I thought I may be on to something. It was about 45 minutes later and I was getting discouraged, and cold, but I caught a second one that looked bigger.”

Needles believed that his second catch was big enough to break the existing state record, which was a 10-ounce yellow perch that was reeled in from a private pond in 2019.

He got his second catch weighed at a certified scale, and it was enough to take the first state record for 2024. Needles’ yellow perch pushed the scale all the way to 12-ounces, giving him the title, and the bragging rights for his friends:

“I have friends trying to break the record for pole-and-line, so for me to get the alternative records method is fun. And having my kids there for that moment made it even more special.”

Let this be a lesson that manifesting is a real thing, and if you want to go out and do something, just say exactly what you plan on doing before you go out and there’s a good chance it’ll happen.

Just ask Missouri fisherman Jeffrey Needles…

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