Colin Cowherd Says Aaron Rodgers Has A “Low Football IQ” Because He Left Green Bay For New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers
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If you’re an NFL fan, then I think we can both agree that the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers had completely different seasons than what we expected before the 2023 season kicked off.

On one side, the New York Jets had just brought in Aaron Rodgers as their new quarterback. With a great defense and a lot of promising talent on the offensive side of the ball, everybody expected the Jets to be playoff contenders now that they had a great quarterback.

However, Rodgers tore his Achilles on the fourth play of the first game of the season, and the Jets were once again stuck in Zach Wilson Hell as they limped to a 7-10 record.

And then you have the Green Bay Packers, who were expected to be in a rebuilding season with their first year starting quarterback Jordan Love. Not to mention, they had the youngest roster in the NFL. But, midway through the season the Packers started playing great football, and ultimately made it to the playoffs, throttling the number two seed Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round.

I think it’s safe to say that nobody expected this, and I’ve seen some sports personalities questioning Rodgers’ decision to leave Green Bay for New York.

And one of those personalities?

Colin Cowherd. And boy, Cowherd didn’t hold back while talking about Rodgers.

On his talk show The Herd, Cowherd said:

“He (Aaron Rodgers) had a smart offensive coach. He had a very good offensive line, it was ranked third. He had a star running back, and they just drafted Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson, really really talented young receivers.

And Aaron went ‘Nah, I want to go to a defensive coach with a losing record, to the 31st ranked offensive line… shaky impulsive o-line, shaky impulsive owner, defensive coach, one star wide receiver, in a much tougher division, a much tougher conference where I’m an old quarterback, and there’s like seven new young ones in their prime.'”

And that’s when Cowherd hit us with this wild statement:

“Forget about his vaccine and political opinions, Aaron’s football IQ isn’t very high.”

Of course, we’re talking about a future first ballot Hall of Famer, a Super Bowl champion, and four time league MVP, but sure his football IQ isn’t very high. I know we’re nearing the offseason of football and sports personalities don’t have anything to do besides make outrageous takes, but this one ain’t it.

You can check out the full statement below:

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