White Shark Brutally Mauls Whale Carcass Off The Coast Of South Carolina

shark mauls whale
Salt Creek Films

This white shark was FEASTING.

Here at Whiskey Riff, we’ve seen several battles between whales and sharks. From orcas attacking whale sharks, to orcas mauling great white sharks, and even massive groups of tiger sharks attacking a humpback whale carcass.

Needless to say, sharks don’t pass up on the opportunity to turn a whale carcass into a full on meal, and we’re seeing yet another example of that.

And of course, when you have a creature like a white shark that’s known for its hunting abilities, you can imagine this one was probably in hog Heaven, knowing that it had a four course meal in front of it without the stress of retaliation from the whale.

In this wild video footage, you can see a white shark going to town on a whale carcass in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It appears to have been resting out in the sun for quite some time.

You can see the shark viciously sinking its teeth into the deceased whale, taking full advantage of the opportunity presented to it.

Often times we see whales getting the best of sharks, but this time, it was the white shark that got the last laugh.

Check it out:

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