“I Was Set On One Team” – 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan Knew Cowboys Would Lose, Started Prepping For Green Bay Less Than Two Quarters Into Wild Card Game

Kyle Shanahan
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The NFL postseason is in full swing, and after a “wild” Super Wildcard Weekend (I guess they call it Wildcard for a reason), only eight teams remain.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, upsets of the weekend was the young Green Bay Packers team riding into Dallas, Texas and eviscerating/embarrassing the Dallas Cowboys. “Jerry World” was in complete and utter shock as their 12-win team did the exact same thing that it’s done for the last three years.

Though all of the Dallas Cowboys fans are now switching their focus to the Los Angeles Lakers or New York Yankees, the NFL playoffs still roll on, and Green Bay will once again try to play spoiler as they head out to San Francisco to take on the 49ers.

San Francisco has looked like a dominant team for most of the season, and had a first round bye on the NFC side of the playoff bracket. They were sitting at home and watching the Wild Card round unfold to see who they would have to matchup against in the divisional round.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was preparing to face either the Cowboys or the Packers, but as he revealed in a recent interview with the media, he quickly started focusing in on one of the teams during the first half of the Dallas-Green Bay game.

A reporter asked Shanahan:

“How quickly did you guys get to work on the Packers?”

The San Francisco head coach tried to stay neutral with his answer, but you can’t help but notice that he seemed to get a couple of digs in on the Dallas Cowboys:

“We were already in here. So, you know, we were doing it that day. We had mixed it in a little bit earlier in the week, hitting up a couple of teams, but…

Started really focusing in on them halfway through the second quarter (of the Dallas Cowboys game). Then they scored at the end of the second quarter, so I kind of did both at halftime. And then the third quarter, I was set on one team.”

Ouch, kicking a team while it’s down.

Shanahan and the 49ers usually wait until a little later into the playoffs to put the Cowboys in their place. This year though, they didn’t get a chance to face off against “America’s Team” in the postseason, so San Francisco’s coach decided to verbally humiliate them instead of embarrassing them out on the football field.

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