Firefighter Heroically Rescues Dog Trapped In Icy Pond In Utah: “His Name Is Bob!”

firefighter rescues dog
North Davis Fire District

I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to fall through the ice while standing on a frozen body of water, knowing that the bone chilling waters are incredibly dangerous.

On top of that, I couldn’t imagine watching your dog accidentally falling into a frozen pond, and having to helplessly watch while you wait for help.

This dog owner ran into this terrifying situation recently when their dog named “Bob” was trapped in a frozen pond in West Point, Utah.

The West Point Fire District shared a video on Facebook of a firefighter named Logan carefully making his way into the frozen pond, in an effort to save Bob.

You can hear one of the owners yell:

“His name is Bob!”

Sure enough, Logan was able to successfully rescue the dog, and it appears both Logan, Bob, and the dog owners came out happy.

The caption to the Facebook post reads:

“Bob the dog loves the water but the ice shelf prevented him from being able to get out after his polar plunge.

Please be safe with your pets and children as ice conditions are still not as safe as we’d like them to be. Firefighter Logan did a fantastic job today helping Bob. The rest of ‘B’ shift who you can’t see on camera are on the bank making sure Logan and Bob remain safe.”

On a side note, shoutout to all of our first responders out there. This couldn’t be done without y’all.Check it out:

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