Sprinting Bull Elk Takes A Tumble Trying To Cross Snowy Road

bull elk

“Even the best fall down sometimes…”

For as agile as elk can be, sometimes those long skinny legs fail and they take a tumble while trying to hop a fence or, in this case, run across the street.

A driver on a snowy road spotted a bull elk sprinting through a field to his right and naturally got out his phone and started recording, but what could have been a majestic display of speed and grace turned into a pile of limbs and antlers when the poor elk hit a deeper than expected snow bank.

To his credit, he did pull of a beautiful full stride leap over a fence, but things went down hill fast when his hooves pushed deep into a snow drift and the momentum of his heavy upper body kept moving forward. Next thing you know this guy was a tangled pile of limbs and antlers in the middle of an otherwise empty street.

Fortunately he was fine and got back up and sprinting again in just a second, but man, the odds that he takes a tumble in front of the only car on the road who also happens to be filming is just straight up bad luck.

The highest of highs and the lowest of lows describes nature pretty well, and while this certainly falls somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, it’s a great watch nonetheless.

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