Giant Iowa Bucks Fight For Supremacy During The Rut

whitetail buck fight
YouTube/@Midwest Whitetail

Today, eyes all across the country are trained on Iowa.

The Hawkeye State has long been a focal point for critical conversations in the US, with some experts saying it’s the most important state when it comes to carrying out a process that has gone on in this country, through trials and tribulations, since our founding.

Many people have vastly different opinions on how best to regulate or reform this system, especially in Iowa, and while universal consensus may never be reached, one thing will always be certain: Iowa is a lighthouse of sorts for whitetail deer hunting in America.

Hunters from around the country speak reverently about the whitetail that roam the midwestern landscape with tales of massive bucks at the core of nearly all hunting camp fireside stories.

According to DeerFriendly, around 450,000 deer lived in the state before the hunting season and they estimate around 100,000 will be harvested, which works out to be around 1 deer for every 32 Iowa residents. That certainly bodes well for the belief that Iowa is one of, if not the, best state for whitetail hunting in the US.

That leads us to this video of two giant Iowa bucks battling it out during the rut which was captured in 2014 by Midwest Whitetail.

When I see a video captioned “GREATEST BUCK FIGHT OF ALL TIME,” my suspicions rise quickly, but after watching this 4 minute ordeal, I’m pretty convinced this is in fact one of the best nature fights caught on film.

It starts with the two rutting bucks locked up behind some trees, but they quickly burst into view when one lowers his level and pushes his rival backwards off a small cliff, sending the two of them tumbling downward.

If you thought that fall would be enough to get them to stop, you’d be dead wrong as they continued throwing antlers while covering some ground, ending up in a shallow body of water where they continued going to war until one buck decided he had enough and bolted for the hills, leaving the victor to stare down his fleeing opponent for a second before climbing back up to high ground to claim his territory.

Truly, this was one of the best buck fights I’ve ever seen and shows just how large and aggressive Iowa bucks can be.

If you’re a hunter, this should pretty much convince you to book a trip to Iowa as soon as possible to get one of these guys mounted on your wall.

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