Fishermen Panic When Grizzly Bear Charges Across Alaskan River Looking For Fish

Bear charges after fisherman who panic

A fisherman’s nightmare.

Any fisherman who’s had a good day fishing out in grizzly country has them in the back of their minds. I mean, it’s hard not to when you’ve spent the day wrestling slimy and smelly fish, getting coated in a smell that draws those massive animals right in.

It’s a frightening thought, that you’re coating of fish juices can make you dinner instead of your fish. Grizzlies are a massive animal that require a lot of food daily. Especially in more northern areas they need even more fat to get through the harsher winters. And then throw in the fact that these fisherman are in their kitchen, in areas where they feed… they’re bound to get incredibly territorial.

This video shows a large grizz quickly making its way across a river and charging towards a large group of fishermen as they scatter quickly.

As the bear approaches one of them, who sounds like he’s perhaps the fishing guide says:

“With all of us here, he can’t do much…”

Umm, he definitely could…

He stands his grounds and begins screaming and throwing rocks at it, however, when the rest of the group panicked and started to run… that could’ve made things much worse. Thankfully, the bear disregards much of the noise and the panic and just comes in to get what he wanted the whole time… a fish.

The fishermen are all definitely shook up though, but then again, how could a you not be if you’re not used to seeing a grizzly bear coming run into your fishing spot?

Enjoy that flight back to California, boys…

Woman Fishes From A Boat With A Bear

It’s no secret that bears like to fish.

A group of 17 brown bears was recently captured on a livestream video at Katmai National Park. The bears can be seen snatching salmon with their paws and jaws, which is the typical way that most bears catch fish.

But then there’s this special brown bear from Russia who hits the water with a rod and reel like a person.

The bear has lived in captivity for its entire life and his name is Archie. He was rescued by Veronica Dichka after the Safari Park where Archie previously resided announced they were going out of business two years ago.

Footage of Archie and Veronica fishing together a lake in southern Siberia has gone viral on social media, and elevated Archie to being somewhat of an internet celebrity in the bear world.

The bear doesn’t actually operate the rod and reel, but does wait patiently on the boat while Veronica does the fishing.

The two don’t just fish together though, as Veronica told the Daily Mail that she spends almost all her time with Archie.

“He sees me as a member of his family, we share food, he sleeps in my arms when afraid, and hides behind me. We rescued him from the safari park but can’t release him into the wild as he has lived in captivity his whole life. 

Archie spends every day with us and is madly in love with water. He loves it very much when I take him to new places, so this shooting was a pleasure for him!”

Yellowstone Bull Elk Halts Traffic

Talk about something you don’t see in my part of the country.

Growing up in South Carolina, I can honestly say I’ve never seen an elk in my 23-years of living. Not one time…

They’re indigenous in North Carolina, but by the 1800s the number of elk in the state was virtually zero. They have since been reintroduced, and right now, an estimated 150-200 elk reside in the state.

But still, they’re pretty hard to find…

I imagine that growing up in a part of the world where you just casually see elk chilling on the side of the road, just minding their own business, the sight of elk my not give you pause, but for most of us, we’re gonna stop and take pictures.

This video comes from Yellowstone National Park, a place where folks travel from thousands of miles away to see elk. Although sometimes, you get a little more than you bargained for.

This group stumbles upon a magnificent creature who lets out a bugle and then proceeds to stand up, and start… PEEING on himself.

The ol’ Elk had been sipping the horny juice, as rutting bulls can sometimes piss on themselves in order to douse themselves in their scent and attract females.

My guy was just getting ready for mating season, and all of these onlookers were getting in the way. Thankfully we had the park ranger hilariously screaming at people to move along.

“Shot at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park. The ranger soundtrack is great.”

You gotta love Yellowstone though, where else will an elk pissing on his own face cause a traffic jam.

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