Rumble At The Rodeo: Man Dropped By Haymaker During Fight At National Western Rodeo

rodeo fight

If you’re gonna talk the talk, you better be ready to walk the walk.

The National Western Stock Show & Rodeo is currently happening in Denver, Colorado and while most people in attendance were looking forward to a few weeks of pounding ice cold Coors Banquets while watching livestock showings, mutton busting, and bull riding, it seems things got a bit testy in section 233 of the Denver Coliseum last night and what should have been a family-friendly affair turned into an all-out brawl.

So far, only one video has made its way onto the internet, and while it’s hard to tell what was happening, especially since whoever was taking the video decided to zoom out right at the biggest moment of impact, it’s easy to see that tempers were high.

We don’t know what started the fight but it seems like there’s two main characters in this story: One guy wearing a gray sweatshirt and one guy wearing a maroon sport coat and black cowboy hat.

It’s clear there’s some bad blood between these two; maybe the sweatshirt wearing man spilled the other’s beer and denied it or maybe the wanna be suave sport coat at a rodeo man tried to steal gray sweatshirt’s girl.

Either way, their disagreement quickly moved past the argument stage and into the fisticuffs stage.

Well, gray sweatshirt was trying to push his way up the stairs to confront maroon sport coat and was being held back by a number of people when ole sport coat reached back a right hand, gathered all the power he could, and swung a wild, but mighty, overhand that somehow connected right on gray sweatshirt’s jaw, sending him tumbling backwards into the seats below.

Maroon sport coat immediately tried to flee the scene but he just couldn’t resist playing up to the crowd a bit, raising his hands above his head and egging on the cheers of the crowd. For how proud he was of his accomplishment, you’d think he’d stick around and be a man about it, but even at rodeos these days I guess you can’t be too careful after getting into a fight.

The action pretty much stops after that, although a few people kept on yelling about who knows what.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Just because the guy looks kind of ridiculous wearing a sport coat at a rodeo doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. If some knuckles land flush on that jaw, you’re going to get dropped…

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A beer bottle on a dock