Rescued Brown Bear Has Time Of Its Life Rolling Around In Freshly Fallen Snow

Bear loves the snow
Orphaned Wildlife Center

I think it’s safe to say that bears love the snow.

We’ve seen bears in the wild love to run and play in the powdery white precipitation, and now we’re seeing that bears in captivity also love a good, old fashioned snow day. The brown bear in this video even has a name, which is Leo, and it currently lives in the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York.

The center aims to provide safety and nurturing to wild animals in need with the ultimate goal to return them happily and healthily back into the wild. Just based on this video, they are certainly doing a good job with the “happy” portion of that goal.

Snow fell in the area where the wildlife center is located, and the bears that are currently calling the OWC home could not have been happier about it. The video below of Leo the bear rolling around in the white snow is getting plenty of attention on social media, because who doesn’t love to see a bear enjoy a winter wonderland?

The Orphaned Wildlife Center posted the clip on their social media page with the caption:

“Mother Nature sprinkled a bit of snow on the ground and our buddy Leo the bear couldn’t resist frolicking in it. Like seriously, what’s more entertaining than seeing a giant furry creature doing a snow dance?”

I guess you could call that a snow dance? I’d maybe describe it more as a “snow relaxation session,” but I’m no expert on bear dancing (is anyone?), so I really have no idea.

Those in the comments section of the post shared by the OWC were loving the video of Leo, and left some rather funny messages about the snow-loving bear:

“He’s in heaven.”

“It’s hard work but someone has to do it.”

“Bears are just like kids in the snow. They can’t wait to play in it!”

“We need Leo, he could be our bulldozer or ‘snow-roller.'”

“Bears make snow angels too.”

Someone commented that Leo the bear was making “bear angels,” which if we’re staying true to the original phrase, doesn’t make sense. You would replace “angels” with “bears,” because snow still has to be present. But I digress…

Instead of getting caught up in whether or not it would be “bear angels” or “snow bears” (it could also still be “snow angels”), how about we just enjoy this other video of bears named Jenny and Amy having a snow-bear fight?

See what I did there? Snow-bear…snow ball? I’ll just go ahead and stop so you can watch the video:

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