NBC New York Flames Bill Belichick With Hilarious Retirement Headline

Bill Belichick
Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

In general I’m not a fan of petty behavior, but when it comes to sports rivalries, I’m all for it.

As you’ve heard by now, Bill Belichick is no longer part of the New England Patriots. The team announced earlier today that he and owner Robert Craft had mutually agreed to part ways, leaving a head coaching and GM vacancy in the organization for the first time in 24 years.

For as much as some fans, myself included, have hated the guy over the years, it’s undeniable that he had one of, if not the, greatest coaching runs in the history of the NFL, finishing with a 266-121 record, 17 division titles, 30 playoff wins, and 6 Super Bowls for just about the most impressive resume a coach and GM could possibly hope to rack up.

Most of the headlines surrounding his release have gone something along the lines of “6 Time Super Bowl Champ Out In New England” or “Bill Belichick, Legendary Head Coach, Parts Ways With The Patriots”, but NBC New York had the most unique, and hilarious, descriptions for their article.

While the headline was a pretty normal “Belichick, Patriots part ways on good terms after 24 years”, their caption when they posted it to X made me actually laugh out loud.

“Bill Belichick, who lost two Super Bowls to the Giants, expected to part ways with Patriots later today, reports say, as 24-year tenure ends with regular season loss to Jets.”

Now THAT is how you send a coaching rival off.

Not only do you mention the two Super Bowls that he lost to the Giants, one being the loss that ruined what was almost a perfect season, but for good measure you throw in his final game was a lost to the lowly Jets, I mean come on, that is just perfect.

Shoutout to whoever’s idea this was and an even bigger shoutout to the manager that approved it. You’ve got to have some fun in the sports world and mentioning the two hardest losses in his career is a plain old fashioned good time.

I would love to put some Super Bowl highlights here but the wonderful No Fun League doesn’t allow that, so instead let’s just relive the magical helmet catch that David Tyree pulled off after Eli Manning somehow escaped what should have been a near game sealing sack.

Man, this was such a fun game to watch…

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