Alabama Super Fan Says He’ll “Set Himself On Fire On The 50 Yard Line” If They Replace Nick Saban With Dabo Swinney

Alabama Fan

It’s nice to see that Alabama Crimson Tide fans are taking Nick Saban’s retirement announcement so well.

Fans of the powerhouse Alabama football team should have known that this day was coming sooner rather than later, right? I’m guessing Bama fans are taking it so hard because all their favorite coaches of all their favorite teams have called it quits lately (Mike Krzyzewski- Duke, Bill Belichick- New England Patriots, etc.).

Saban announcing his retirement was somewhat shocking, but at the same time, it shouldn’t have taken everyone back as much as it did. The man is 72-years-old, and has won seven national championships. What else is he supposed to do?

If you asked Alabama fans, he’s supposed to continue coaching the Crimson Tide football team until the fanbase is ready for him to hang it up (which would be never). Don’t believe me? Well, this clip from The Paul Finebaum Show should help prove my point.

Finebaum was taking calls from Alabama fans on his SEC Network show when the news broke, and longtime listener and longtime caller “Legend,” who is an Alabama super fan, called in to rant about Saban’s retirement.

Specifically, he was very much against the idea that Alabama might hire Clemson’s Dabo Swinney to replace Saban as the next head coach for the Crimson Tide. “Legend” was so against the idea that he said this:

“If it’s Dabo Swinney, I’m pouring gasoline on myself and setting myself on fire on the 50 yard line. You can guarantee it.”

Is that a threat or a promise? Or both?

Sounds like both to me, and he wasn’t done there. “Legend” absolutely lost it as he continued on his “Saban please don’t go” plea, and gave another violent, over-the-top guarantee if Dabo were to get hired as a replacement:

“If it’s Dabo Swinney, I’m pulling my arm off and taking that contact fracture and beating the hell out of myself. No damn Dabo!

Do you hear me (Alabama AD) Greg Byrne? That’s from the Alabama nation. Get it right. You’ll be judged though on this one right here, brother.

Ya’ll pray for me. Pray for me. Help me Jesus! Change your mind Saban, change your mind. We ain’t gonna make it without you.”

As a fan of a college football team other than Alabama, I’ll speak for every non-Bama fan out there and just say welcome to sub 10-win seasons Mr. Legend. Saban is not walking through that door…

The good news is that Dabo would have to pay 150% of his annual buyout if he made the switch from Clemson to Alabama, so “Legend” from Alabama shouldn’t have to set himself on fire, or tear off his own arm and hit himself with it…which is good.

Still though, I’m glad the rumor is out there, just because we got this hilarious video below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock