Aaron Rodgers Appears On ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ The Day After It Was (Supposedly) Announced He Wouldn’t Be Returning

Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee Show

Aaron Rodgers is the king of comebacks at this point.

After the New York Jets tore his ACL during the first game of the season, there was speculation that the quarterback would miraculously make his return this season after making an unprecedented recovery from the injury.

Rodgers ultimately didn’t come back to play this season, probably because by the time he was able to play again the Jets season was already a lost cause.

But in a second surprising comeback of this season, Rodgers joined The Pat McAfee show today, one day after host Pat McAfee announced that he wouldn’t be returning this season.

Or did he?

On yesterday’s show, McAfee shocked viewers when he announced that the controversial quarterback would no longer be appearing on the show:

“What we do know is that the guy that stopped by yesterday (Rodgers) caused quite a conversation. Now… so Aaron Rodgers Tuesday Season 4 is done.

There should be a lot of people that are happy about that, myself included to be honest. With the way that it ended, it got real loud…real loud. I’m happy that’s not going to be in my mentions going forward, which is great news.”

And McAfee seemed to indicate that he was happy to no longer have to deal with the drama that follows Rodgers’ weekly appearances on the show, after the quarterback made headlines for suggesting that Jimmy Kimmel may appear on the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs:

“Aaron Rodgers is a hall of famer. He’s a 4-time MVP (and) he’s massive piece of the NFL story. Whenever you go back and tell it, he will be a huge part of it. 

We are very lucky to get a chance to chat with him and learn from him. Some of his thoughts and opinions though do piss off a lot of people, and I’m pumped that that’s no longer going to be every single Wednesday of my life, which it has been for the last couple of weeks. 

On Friday, obviously, I threw us into the fire as well, (and) I’ll forever stand by that. Everything else though, (we) just can’t do that, and it’s not what we want to be known for.”

The internet quickly took that to mean that Aaron Rodgers had been booted off the show after angering the bigwigs at ESPN.

But McAfee clarified on Twitter (X, if you wish) that the quarterback wasn’t going away permanently:

“He’ll make random surprise welcomed pop ins during big events or offseason adventures but, it’s always been a season thing. I never said he’ll never be on the show again. I hope he chooses to still chat with us.”

Well, apparently Rodgers did still choose to chat with Pat McAfee – and 24 hours after sending the internet into a tailspin (on both sides of the political aisle), Rodgers made his return to the Pat McAfee Show to discuss the New England Patriots parting ways with legendary coach Bill Belichick.

Shortest suspension ever, or just some clever wording in McAfee’s statement yesterday?

I mean, he did only say that “Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays” were over. Didn’t say anything about having him on on a Thursday.

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