Charles Barkley Said He Would “Punch Him In The Face” If Aaron Rodgers Implied That He Was On The Epstein Client List

Charles Barkley
CBS Mornings

Aaron Rodgers went from being known as a quarterback to being known as a conspiracy theorist real quick.

For the past four seasons, Rodgers was stopping in once a week on The Pat McAfee Show to share his thoughts and opinions. And then today, it was announced that “Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays” would be done for the rest of the season, although with Pat maintaining 100% creative control, I don’t think this is the “ESPN canceled Aaron Rodgers” conversation that is buzzing all over social media right now. The NFL regular season is over, Rodgers has been a bit of a headache for McAfee, and it’s probably better to cool down a little heading into the playoffs. I’d venture to bet that Rodgers will be back for a 5th season of Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays.

Aaron got himself, and Pat by extension, into a lot of trouble last week when he said that late night host Jimmy Kimmel would be “nervous” about the Jeffrey Epstein court documents that was being made public.

That led to quite the messy back and forth between Kimmel and Rodgers, who have had a long history of beefing about COVID, and aliens, as well as Epstein, and now it appears that it’s even dragged Charles Barkley into the crossfire. And if I’m being honest, I was very excited to find out that we got to hear what the “Round Mound of Rebound” had to say about this whole situation.

While the former basketball player and current sports analyst (who is trying to stop drinking Diet Coke) was on CBS Mornings, he was asked by Gayle King:

“Some people say that Aaron Rodgers crossed the line with Jimmy Kimmel. If Aaron Rodgers would have said that about you and implied that you would be on the Epstein list, how would you handle that?”

Charles, as he often does with his analysis, kept things short and sweet with his response:

“I would’ve punched him in the face.”

Fair enough Charles. However, that answer wasn’t enough for Gayle King. She followed up with Barkley and asked for some clarification (what part didn’t you understand, Gayle?) on what he exactly meant with his answer.

She asked:

“What do you mean by ‘punched him in the face?'”

Again, Charles Barkley stayed true to himself and his usual demeanor and fired back with:

“You know what the hell ‘punched him in the face’ means. I think that when you’re in the limelight, people get to say things about you. That goes with the territory.

But when you start comparing people, saying their hanging out with pedophiles and people having sex with underage girls, that’s dangerous.”

You can watch the full clip from “Chuck’s” guest spot on CBS Mornings below:

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