Furious Taco Bell Customer Slaps Employee After He Reheated A Burrito In His Own Microwave & It Blew Up

Taco bell slap

I’m not sure what the average fast food worker gets paid by the hour nowadays, but I can already tell you it probably ain’t enough.

Working long-hour shifts at a fast food restaurant sounds like hell on Earth. You probably encounter your fair share of very normal people and very strange people, and on occasion, complete psychopaths that are so miserable with their lives they have to make everybody else miserable too.

With that being said, this Taco Bell employee had a run in with one irate customer.

This one all went down at a Taco Bell in Long Island, New York, when an absolute nuisance of a human being walked in and started chewing out the dude working the cash register. Why was the customer going crazy, you may ask?

Because the customer had the bright idea of putting his Taco bell, still wrapped in the aluminum foil, in his own microwave at home to reheat it. And shocker, it broke his microwave. You can hear him yell at the employee that he wants more food, and added:

“Plus you guys are gonna pay for my f*cking microwave! It blew up!”

Now I don’t know about y’all, but my mom taught me to never put tin-foil in the microwave from the time I was about six-years-old, and I’m sure the majority of y’all have known this for awhile too.

You’re telling me this guy, who is AT LEAST in his 70s, maybe fought in a war or two, had no idea you weren’t supposed to put tin foil in the microwave? Not only does he threaten to sue the guy behind the counter, the conversation continues to escalate, and the customer proceeds to give the employee an open hand b*tch slap.

Yep, that’s assault, brother…

The employee responded after the slap:

“What the f*ck? What’s going on with you bro?”

Shoutout to this guy for keeping his composure and not reaching back over the counter and beating the everlivin’ hell out of him. He’s a better man than me. Finally, a female employee gets between the two and the video cuts off. It also appears that the man is a veteran suffering from some kind of PTSD so hopefully he can get the help that he needs.

Some wild times at the Taco Bell in Long Island.

Check it out:

In another video, it looks like the man got a visit from the local police:

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