‘1923’ Actor Brandon Sklenar Says Harrison Ford Is A “Bada**” Who Flew A Helicopter & Brought His Own Saddle To Cowboy Camp

Spencer Dutton Yellowstone 1923

I couldn’t imagine working alongside two actors with the impressive resumes of Harrison Ford, and Helen Mirren.

Ford and Mirren are two of the most well respected actors in all of Hollywood, and each have the long list of credits to prove it.

So, you can only imagine how stoked Brandon Sklenar (who plays Spencer Dutton on 1923) was to star alongside the two famed actors in the Yellowstone prequel series 1923.

However, during production for season one of the series, Sklenar never got the chance to film alongside the two stars, and if you you’ve seen the first season, you’ll understand why. He should get more screen time with them in Season 2, but he really only got to be around them during Taylor Sheridan’s infamous “cowboy camp,” where each actor is taught the ropes of being a cowboy before filming.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Sklenar discussed the short amount of time he spent with the two for season one:

“Helen was in camp with us. Harrison kind of did his own thing. He brought his own saddle.”

Sklenar also noted that Ford flew in on his own helicopter as well:

“The guy’s just a bada**.”

He also weighed in on going to camp with Mirren:

“She’s just so grounded all the time. There’s no sense of self where it’s inflated in any way. Just witnessing that has been really inspiring. It’s just the way to do it … staying salty.”

And as far as filming for 1923 went, Sklenar couldn’t be happier:

“I’ll probably never have an experience like that again. We were in Africa, in Kenya, in Malta … shot in Salt Lake, shot in Montana, and even if I do a film on that scale again, you just rarely get to go to those locations.

Taylor (Sheridan) being who he is … if he writes that’s where you are, then that’s where you go, and he sends you there, and he throws you into the wolves.”

I’d say the whole 1923 experience was a great one for Sklenar.

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