Zach Top Is Primed For A Breakout Year With First Single Of 2024 “Sounds Like The Radio”

Zach Top
Zach Top

This sure doesn’t sound like what is on the radio…but in the best way possible.

Zach Top is just primed to have a massive breakout year, and he’s already teasing his first single of the year just a few days into 2024.

Today, Top took to social media to begin teasing his next single, “Sounds Like The Radio.” In true Zach Top fashion, the teaser pulls inspiration from ’90s icons like Alan Jackson and George Strait.

In the promo video he first shared, he slowly zooms in on an old radio that is switching stations, playing a portion of Keith Whitley’s “Nobody in His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her,” then swapping to play a snippet of Alan Jackson’s “Chattahoochee” before a line or two from his single is teased – clearly noting that this ditty is heavily inspired by the jukebox jams that ruled the ’90s.

“WARNING: Country Music.”

In the second clip that we got from Top, listeners get a sneak peek of the lyrics, and this seems like it’s going to be a heater.

“Sounds like a damn good time
Soaking up some neon light
Well, it’s a little bit of fiddle 
And a whole lot of country gold
Yeah, my whole life
Sounds like the radio.” 

The melody of the track transports you straight to a cowboy dive bar with its upbeat tempo following the traditional country sound. I think that Top has struck gold with this single.

“Sounds Like The Radio” is set to be released on January 12th, and I can’t wait to hear what else this single has in store.

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